Home of the only authentically recreated & commercially available Trapper Pack Mount Frames + HAND-MADE HERE 🇺🇸 We take pride in using premium construction & historically accurate quality material to artistically make each look over a century-old! Thanks for visiting and let me know if you have any questions! - Colter Day, Owner


What sizes do your packs come in?

Our packs come in two sizes, the Trapper- Original and the Trapper- XL. Between these two, about anything you’d like to display is possible. Our “Original” is based authententically after an antique built from the early 1900’s. The XL model is the same but stretched in size to be perfectly suited for larger skulls of animals, large capes, and full body hides for mounts. See Our Story to learn more of the history of packboard frames, and visit our Products page for a deer dive into each model. 

How are the packs hung on the wall?

Our packs are hung on the wall with a steel cable attached to the frame, completely hidden from view when used correctly. Pull the cable through the strap opening in the canvas to attach to the anchor point in the wall and you’re good to go! No assembly, fussing needed; just pick your point on the wall, and hang the cable on the screw! Cable tensile strength is over 300 lbs. 

Can the animal be displayed “upright” like metal brackets are sold to do?

We specifically designed the packs to not only be authentically accurate to the over 100-year-old designs, but made a modification to the arc of the bent oak frame to enhance the ability to specifically hang antlers.
The Peak of the packs frame is nearly 4 inches on the Original, and nearly 5 inches on the XL. This will add extra clearance out from the wall to allow more space for antlers to be tilted back giving your animals (especially elk if using the XL) a more natural and upright look, compared to flat on the wall with the antlers leaning forward. This will not be the case with these Trapper Packs!

Which size should I get? (See Size Chart below)

We can provide some guidelines for sure! It also gets to be your own “canvas or pallet” so to speak to work on, so nothing is set and you get to be creative.
For some guidelines, what we have found works best for smaller-skulled animals: Deer, antelope, mountain goat, up to about Bighorn sheep skulls and head mounts is the Trapper-Original (the smaller of our two sizes).
For larger-Skulled animals, our trapper XL is the perfect size for elk, bison, caribou, and even moose.

What are the Trapper Packs made of?

The Frame is constructed of both American red cedar uprights, and Red Oak cross members. The pack is both lightweight and very strong. The Oak is steam-bent which allowed stretched canvas to be used against the wearers back. We added slightly more arc to the pack, which allowed greater distance out from the wall, for added antler clearance when pitching an animal more upright and natural.
The canvas is a heavy 15-18 oz. 100% cotton duck with cotton webbing as well; authentic to the time this pack frame style was made. The corset lacing is cotton rope as well, dipped in wax to prevent fraying. See our Product page for additional product info and specs. 

Can this pack be worn?

Believe it or not, it’s a common question, and our answer is yes! Although its primary intention is a display item/wall piece, it’s accurately designed after the authentic pack frames back in the day. They are incredibly strong, with functioning straps, etc. If you want to feel what an old pack frame feels like on your back, (it’s a unique and comfortable feeling honestly--this design was actually quite the innovation at the end of the 19th century) So if you want to hit the hills, dirty it up to add some age and added distress before the wall, or want to feel a piece from the past on your adventures, feel free to give it a go!

Have you considered making the packs (particularly the canvas) more distressed/ old-looking? 

We have done a great deal of adding a “antique” look to the packs thus far with aging/rusting grommets, screws, iron tack nails, & all metal components. Despite also darkening the natural cotton rope with coffee stain, stained & distressed the wood frame, we have left the canvas on the pack alone. The reason being is we want to allow people to take the distressed and aged process further if they would like, but believe for most the look of the packs is already rustic, yet clean.
For those wanting to add more grunge to the canvas, taking aging levels further is great if you would like to take a razor blade or knife to the canvas, scrub it with a steel brush, add dirt or coffee stain, etc. It is this look that would be more custom and have decided to leave it up to each person to make it more of their own if desired. Like a tattered pair of jeans-- they can be bought this way if someone wishes; but it’s unique to the individual. 

Can you hang more than just animals or shed antlers from the packs?

Yes! It’s a blank canvas, many people have placed old snow shoes, or very old wooden skis and placed them in their cabins and homes. From a western look of a rolled up horse blanket with chaps and spurs hanging, to Native American beadwork, blankets, etc. This is a pallet to design on and completely make your own! We love seeing what people can creatively come up with!

Is there a quality guarantee or warranty?

We stand by each pack we build, sew and assemble. Of course if there is anything about this pack that malfunctions within its intended use, we are happy to replace it. If an eye bolt strips, any issue with the hanging system, etc. you are covered. Obviously there are indented “defects” to each product on purpose-- as we age the components, distress the wood, and purposefully create an old look to each piece. Because of this, each pack will vary in its creation.
*The Intended use of these packs is to be hung on the wall from the provided cable system. Although these packs are identically created after the early 1900’s original, packing them in the mountains with heavy weight could result in damage. There is a reason these packs were replaced in technology. If straps malfunction, or anything else in the frame breaks due to wearing, it will not be covered by our guarantee.

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